Week 12: Hard to believe…

Well, this week marks the 12th week of class.  This week we are supposed to blog about our contributions to the project and the progress the group has made.  Our group has made some great progress this week though I don’t feel that I have been much help.  Despite becoming more  familiar with Minecraft over the course of the semester, I still feel I have much to learn.

On Saturday our session on Minecraft went off without a hitch.  Well, unless you count the many times I was trapped by Thomas.  I recall Colin asking several times, “Where’s Tiffany?”  Then Tiffany would respond with, “Thomas!”   I know I spent a portion of my time hiding from Thomas.  All things considered, it was fun to work with each other and create a video for our game.

This week our group has worked on putting it all together.  Nicole, I believe has been working on putting everything into one location.  Colin and Chris have spent some time working on the trailer.  I spent some time editing our role cards a little bit; I used information added to the page by Tomas and Thomas.  Our group is also working on submitting bios to Colin by today, hopefully.  I just submitted mine, though I think I may email him again to add a bit of what I enjoy in my free time.   I am also thinking that I will try to map out some standards tonight.  Right now, though all I can think about is moving.  YUCK!

Our group seems to work well together.  It is challenging sometimes when all of us are so busy teaching, hanging out with our families, and trying to take grad classes.  I am ready for the weekend.


Progress Made on Our Game (During the Week of March 31-April 5th)

This week we met a few times as a team.  On Tuesday I met with Nicole and Chris to discuss the role cards for our game.  I helped work on the card for Katniss and helped proofread the other cards.  Then on Thursday our group met again to discuss game mechanics and our presentation.  We also discussed the nature of the presentations during our twitter session on Thursday.  Finally, the group met Thursday evening, however I was unable to attend due to family obligations.

During Thursday’s meeting we discussed exactly what we are presenting and when we need to have it completed.  We also discussed how we will present our projects.  Nicole started up a ThingLink for our central “spot” for our project.  We also discussed what we will link to our ThingLink such as our Google presentation, a movie-style trailer for the game, licensing information, Code of Laws, and a clear explanation of how a player “wins”.

Today, Saturday, we will be meeting as a group in Minecraft to film a short movie-style trailer.  We will try to show prospective players what game play will look like.  I am excited to participate in this later today. Also this weekend each of us will be working on creating our little intro videos.  I am not sure what this will look like, and am hopeful that other members from my group will have a better picture of what should be included in these videos.  Finally, over the weekend and continuing through next week, I will be working on going through and reviewing the various pieces of the presentation for content holes and formatting.

I am excited to see how our game and presentation turn out.  Looking forward to a fun week!