Game Discussion and Outline for Minecraft based on the Hunger Games Book One

During the course of this week I have spent some time catching up with the rest of my team.  I asked Lee a few weeks ago if I could switch to the Minecraft team since I have been using Minecraft for my STEM class as well.  I am very excited to be apart of this team and enjoy using Minecraft in education.

On Tuesday I met with a few people on Minecraft and in Google Hangout to discuss Game Mechanics and play around a bit.  One of the game mechanics we discussed was assigning players roles.  Some of the roles we suggested were: family roles, social or class-based roles, your job/responsiblities, your attitude, and special abilities.  Nicole wanted to begin working on this so she is plugging away on making cards.  During our hangout we also discussed different ways we could play the game.  We had a chance to play survival mode, which I had been too afraid to play prior to Tuesday’s Hangout.  I would like to tell you that I survived, but I did not.  I did learn a valuable lesson though, and that is that your role in a family can help you survive.  Tiffany and Colin tried their best to save me!  This will be important for students to remember as they try to survive in District 12.

Also during our meeting I asked how I could help out.  I spent some time on Thursday looking at our Narrative for our game.  Colin and I read through our Narrative and Code of Laws just to make sure everything was cohesive and ready for the Gamifi-ED Wiki.

The group has worked diligently to create a narrative that introduces students to the world of Panem.  I did not participate in making this because I was not involved with the group at the time; however, I enjoyed reading through the narrative and providing support where I could.  The students’ first quest is outlined for them in the initial narrative.  The basic rules are explained in the narrative (5 rules), though to survive members of district 12 may have to break these rules at some point.  Players are expected to contribute to the glory of the Capitol.

During the previous week, as a team we worked on creating District 12.  Several buildings were already built, still I was able to build The Hob; and learned how to use world edit to create the building itself.  Colin was a huge help in learning how to use world edit.  Also, I had a chance to work with Lee a bit in Minecraft.  I don’t always feel that I am very helpful, but I was glad that I was actually able to help someone else.


This week has been challenging for me because I have really had to step out of my comfort zone a bit.  I have learned a great deal about Minecraft and feel more comfortable with some of the features Minecraft EDU has to offer.  Thanks for a great week!


3 thoughts on “Game Discussion and Outline for Minecraft based on the Hunger Games Book One

  1. Sara,
    I too have learned a lot about Minecraft from this class. I didn’t even know there was an EDU project until this class. I can understand how you feel about being useful, I’m not sure I’m very useful for a lot of reasons, time being the biggest one. I’m looking forward to tomorrows meeting.

  2. Nicole Fuerst says:

    Sara and Thomas,
    I have certainly come to value Minecraft and have learned a great deal about it from this project. It appears that the discussion around character roles has intensified. At one point you had expressed interest in helping with it-you are still welcome to join us for the meeting on Tuesday if you like.
    I certainly appreciate your help in moving the narrative to the wiki-I kept forgetting about that!

    • I would love to join the group Nicole. I just don’t want to make things more difficult since I am coming into the mix a little late. Also, I spoke with Colin and when we are ready he will submit the narrative to Vicki. My understanding is that her students have teams that are working on organizing the wikis. Colin and I spent some time the other day working on it. Though, he did more work than I did. 🙂

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