Week 8 Reflection: Learning in a collective

This week has been a busy one.  I have spent time reviewing games.  I have only finished two since I have been busy with other assignments.  I did spend sometime talking with other people in the class this week.  I am looking forward to working with Colin and Chris on a Minecraft task for my son and Chris’s son.  I think it will be neat.  We are truly embracing the idea of working as a collective, though I think Colin has much more to offer on the subject of Minecraft.

I had a nice discussion with Sara H. about constructivism.  Students learn so much more when they are given the opportunity to construct their knowledge.  I also spoke with Gary about the different ways people are using the collective to learn.  Gary provided a great resource filled with information about different ways collective learning is used (littlebylittlejohn.com).  I also shared the Sal Khan video with Gary about learning in a collective (https://www.khanacademy.org/science/cosmology-and-astronomy/life-earth-universe/humanity-on-earth-tutorial/v/collective-learning).  Finally, I spoke with Colin about using the collective to share hobbies and learn more about your hobbies.  What a great idea!  Colin had some good suggestions about how I could do this without sharing personal information.

This week I also had a few conversations on my blog page as well.  Megan, Tiffany, and Colin visited my blog this week.  Megan and I discussed the value of working in a collective as an educator; each of us brings unique passions and interests to the teaching career.  When we work together we can use these different “gifts” to help each other become better teachers.  Tiffany shared how belonging in a group is so important.  I think working in a collective that a student picks can help the student feel involved and interested in the collective.

Thanks for all of the great comments and discussions this week.  I have learned a great deal being a part of a great team.  Especially from some of our high school students who have helped me navigate the wiki page.


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