Week 6: Reflection on Learning

This week we discussed how classrooms have changed over the years with a specific focus on technology.  I spoke with Donna about remembering to let students experience learning on their own.  In the past I would be more inclined to help students do work by showing them; however when I was showing them how to do the work these students were most likely not learning how to learn.  I want my students to become lifelong learners and in order for this to occur I need to let my students learn.

I also recommended a website for Donna and Tiffany to check out.  The article was called, Ten Ways to Encourage Students to take Responsibility for their Learning.

Retrieved from http://whatedsaid.wordpress.com/2010/06/29/10-ways-to-encourage-students-to-take-responsibility-for-their-own-learning/

Finally Bonnie and I talked about Minecraft.  I discussed some of the struggles I have had with Minecraft as well as some of the benefits I have gained by playing.  I really enjoy the family time I get to spend with my husband and son.  I have learned a great deal from my son and I am amazed at how much he enjoys collaborating with other players on Minecraft.

Finally, I worked on creating a Minecraft lesson incorporating estimation for my STEM class.  Overall it has been a busy week.  I enjoy reflecting on how classrooms have and haven’t changed over time.  Some ideas seem to come back while others slip by the wayside.


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